How to JUST be his child

The parents you’ve blessed me with have given me the opportunity to just be a daughter.

They fed me. If they didn’t provide the food, I couldn’t eat.
They gave me shelter. They worked hard so I could have a place to lay my head.
They instilled in me and showed me what was acceptable.
If I was outline, they corrected me with love and compassion.
They loved me no matter what I did. Always having my back, and never believing the lies, because they know me.
My parents are proud of me, and love watching me grow.
Providing me transportation, and showing me how to earn a living.
I messed up all the time (and still do), though I’ve always been able to come home and get love.
When I was too afraid out in the cold world, I could come home for safety.
The times I just wanted my mom, knowing her presence or her voice would bring me comfort.
When something is broke, how my dad would fix it or give me guidance.
When I lost someone, I needed my parents to comfort me. When I didn’t know what decision to make, I needed their guidance.

That’s how you should just be a daughter or son to your Heavenly Father!


Daughter K

5 thoughts on “How to JUST be his child

  1. Such a beautiful expression of gratitude and love! All of the attributes our natural parents are to us is the exact replication of what God is to us and more! Thank you for pointing us in the direction that will help us to love our Heavenly Father in the same manner!


  2. Daughter K,

    You will inspire many to jump into the rivers of His grace! Super pumped for you. Write from the Father’s heart always!!


  3. Proud of you Nisha. I liked the comparison of relation with our natural parents and our Heavenly Father. Great read. Thanks for sharing!


  4. LOVE THIS!! We have been so blessed to have the parents that we have and the unconditional love that they have for us and vice versa is a blessing. BUT to think… It’s so simple for us to have that relationship with them and THAT is all that God ask of us. To rely on him, to love him, worship him and praise him, obey HIM; our heavenly Father, creator, OUR EVERYTHING, the same way that we do our Natural parents and we can have the greatest gift of all… ETERNAL LIFE. 🙌🏾



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