God says the time is now, he is near and the heavens are open!
The requests are heard and honored. God is listening to his people and sending his angels on missions on your behalf!
Fight sons and daughters!
Children of the most high STAND UP! Speak the word of God over every dead thing, speak LIFE!
Be not afraid children, for I am here for you. I am on your side. Time holds still for me, I bring the seasons, I bring the life, I control death, I stop sickness, I pour the blessings over my people.

Rise to the top my children. Bring the kingdom to earth. For this is the season for my children to reign!
For just as I brought Joseph out of prison and made him next in command, so shall you be! The time is now! Fight! My ways will be known!

Prayer: Father God, I am praying for our leaders. I ask that you allow your sons and daughters to be Joseph to the Pharaohs of our time. That when they need answers, the only counsel that can satisfy their need will be your children. God please let this be a powerful movement like never before. At every moment we will give you the praise, honor, and glory! For it is not us, but the God that works through us. Thank you for equipping us for a time such as this. God I ask that you remove all fear and doubt! Let your love flow! In Jesus name I do pray, AMEN!

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