It was all necessary!

The journey right now may seem unfair, lonely, scary, but have faith! When the time comes, it will all make sense.
Remember when Joseph’s brothers came, sent by Jacob, because of the famine?
Joseph knew that despite of what they have done to him, it was necessary.
Forgive those who have hurt you, left you, neglected you, killed your dreams and aspirations, lied on you and conspired against you.
Just believe that it was necessary.
Everything that happens in our lives has a purpose. The reason will be revealed in time.
Don’t give up.
I believe that through the journey, God will show you his face for reassurance.
You will have no other choice but to give the Praise to God.
Allow God to blow your mind through this Journey.


Father God,

Search our hearts and comfort our loneliness through this journey of our lives. Give us the wisdom to know that we are never alone. Bring forth the people in our lives to help us along the way. Please continue to give us the desire to seek your face. Give us the yearning to search for the Father’s heart. Your word said that if we seek we will find. We know that you are good and your mercies endure forever. Give us the wisdom to know and believe your truth. In Jesus name I pray. – Amen

One thought on “It was all necessary!

  1. I love the truth in this. The unknown can be terrifying, but what we do know is that our God has a plan for our good. Remembering this in times of uncertainty, times when we feel lost, times when we can’t make sense of anything, can bring peace and comfort within us in a time of chaos around us. Thanks for sharing. ❤️


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