The only way..

In this time God wants us to depend on him, the true Living Water. We depend so much on our own efforts to survive.
We as humans have become like the Egyptians. Egypt rarely received rain, so they would water their own crops. God wants us to depend on him to provide the water for our crops. Just like the Egyptians, we become so impatient that when something isn’t happening fast enough we jump in and do what we feel like we have to do.
I hear God telling us to wait on him to provide the rain, wait on him to make the decision, wait on him to provide your every need. Become dependent on our Father, he will provide the water. He will tend to the land, and all we will have to do is be obedient and patient.
Even now, God is taking us from Egypt to Canaan… In Canaan, the land was entirely watered by God.

We have been so dependent on our own efforts and resources that we rarely stop and depend on God to provide our needs.
We are currently in the state where humans CAN NOT figure it out. The only way this can be done is if God does it. I believe this is exactly where he wants us to be, dependent on our Father.

As the economy suffers and the government tries to fill the needs of the people, I believe that God will provide divine deposits! The hearts of the bill collectors will be turned to flesh and balances will no longer exist!

Father God,

Thank you for allowing us to see another day! Thank you for your gift of life! Father God thank you for providing all of our needs, for making provision, for never leaving us. You are truly amazing! Lord we long for a true intimate relationship with you. Reveal to us who you are, allow our hearts to know the true Living Water. Allow your Holy Spirit to overflow within us. Lord allow us to depend and listen to the Holy Spirit in this time. Help us to realize that you are our only hope. We love and depend on you, if you don’t do it, it will not be done. We thank you and praise you! In Jesus Name we pray. Amen!

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