Stay encouraged!

The God that rescues his people will continue to do so. Don’t lose hope or faith, activate your faith and believe that the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and the God Jacob is the same God today, yesterday, and forevermore.
We serve a sovereign God, that even bad things he allows to happen brings God glory. Even during this time when it seems like things just keep getting worse, be of good cheer. God has not left us, he is setting up the perfect scene for him to show the people today how powerful he is!
Expect miracles to come! Expect your mind to blown!
Even the non-believers will come running to ask to be saved.
God loves you so much, he chose you!
It’s like the 4th of July.. anticipate a mighty show! God is about to show off!
He is faithful to his children! Blessings will follow you all of the days of your life.
God will receive the glory from this. Even the Pharaohs heart of today is hardened and God will use it to show his glory. Be patient, wait and see how AMAZING God truly is. I’m excited!


We give our hearts to you today. The times are heavy and there’s so much bad news constantly coming in. We ask that you reveal yourself to us in this time. Teach us how to seek your face. Reveal to us what’s clogging our ears from hearing your voice today. We ask that you forgive us for self-righteousness and transition our hearts to be used by you. We love you today, and want to be used by you. We surrender our selfish ways and motives. We love you and thank you for being an awesome God. Thank you for keeping our minds during this time. We plead the blood of Jesus over our mind, that it cannot be discouraged by what it looks like but be encouraged by what we know is true. That you have died for our sins and rose with all power in the blood so that we can be free. I speak freedom over anyone who is reading this today. That their minds will be free from any anxiety or depression. We will give you all praise and glory, for it all belongs to you! In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

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