Destruction and Reconstruction

The world seems as though devastation after devastation continues to happen. We only hear and see bad news. It seems like everything is being destroyed. Destruction is everywhere, but I believe God is hearing the cries of his people and the period of reconstruction is on its way!

This is the time to rebuild people of God. Stand firm in your faith and be bold! The miracles of God have been stifled in churches for so long. We’ve been blinded by the doctrines, have placed our God in a tiny box. This has now been destroyed!
Gods’ glory will be seen, it’s time to rebuild!

Rebuilding means a new era. Be excited, for the time of manifestations all over the land are coming. God says he heard the cries of his people for a great revival and this is the beginning.

God has his hand on us, and during this time of quarantine he is building us up and preparing us for the rebuild.
Use this time to get so closer to God, the unsaved are coming. God will work through you to heal, deliver, and set free. Get all the tools you need for RECONSTRUCTION it will be massive.


Thank you for your protection during this destruction. We plead the blood of Jesus over everything connected to us. We pray that God blesses our families for many generations to come! Father we thank you for the rebuild! We thank you for the extension of our family. Help us and develop us spiritually to help our brothers and sisters! Thank you for being our Father! Supplying our every need, continuing to give us shelter, loving us unconditionally, teaching us your ways, revealing your heart to us. We ask that as we seek you, you open our spiritual senses. Thank you God! In Jesus name we pray, Amen!


Your daughter

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