The Sweet Pursuit

God I just want to thank you today for who you are. You have been so good to me. The ways you’ve made go without number. Thank you for pursuing me!

When my mind is chasing what my heart wants, my spirit was still being pursued by you.

My desires have been in my sight

But your perfect love patiently waited and redirected my gaze.

Why do you love me so much that you pursue me when I’ve denied you so many times?

Why haven’t you given up on me?

I certainly have proved that I wasn’t faithful to you.

You answered a prayer

You lifted a burden

You healed me

And the moment I got free, I left you and went back to my own selfish pursuit

Even then, you continue to pursue me.

The sweetest pursuit in history!



Thank you for pursuing me and allowing my heart to desire you. You’ve opened my eyes and started my journey of knowing who you really are. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you! Thank you for allowing your word to speak to me. Thank you for giving me the desire to read your word and to worship you. Thank you for your presence! Thank you for choosing me and not giving up on me. I just want to thank you! Please help me to seek your face. Continue to order my steps and show me the way to go. Be the light that goes before me and the darkness that goes behind me so that I may stay hidden from my enemies. In Jesus names I do pray! Amen

2 thoughts on “The Sweet Pursuit

  1. He leaves the 99 to find the 1. This truth is heartbreakingly beautiful to me. I know I’ve been the one more than once and am so grateful we serve a God who never stops pursuing us.

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