The Lord is our banner.

We are currently living in a time where all we can do is have faith in God. We have faith knowing that God is sovereign and whatever is happening is because he’s allowing it to happen. Could this just be an opportunity for God to show his power?
We have to allow God to instruct us today, it’s so important to wait on the Holy Spirit to direct our path.
This is a time of uncertainty when we don’t know who to believe or what source is actually credible. I urge you to cling to the all-knowing God. The only God that knows the ending and the beginning. Even during this current war, he is the banner that we can follow. Father you are victorious over all of our enemies. You are mighty in battle. We will follow you, for you go before us and you will fight on our behalf. We surrender our will to you.

We have to allow God to fight our battles. We cannot do it!

Father God please cover us during this time. The world is in such chaos and every time we look at the news, it’s clearly showing nothing but uncertainty. Father I know that in spite of all of this you are good. You’ve fought for me even when I didn’t realize there was a war. You are a faithful God. God we know this battle will be won by you and you alone. Father I lift up this country to you. May your will be done. I ask that you give wisdom to our leaders. I ask that the vaccine comes forth. I ask that through this souls are saved. I pray that those in a backslid-den state, come back to you and serve you like never before. I pray that you wake up your people.

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