Your healing comes through obedience

Do you remember the first time you were truly on fire for God? You felt brand new and just really clean? Like a brand new house, and you did your job to make sure it stayed clean. Even when friends would come over, you made sure they respected your house and did not allow them to dirty it up. That’s what happens when God cleans us up on the inside. We can feel it, and we respect it. We guard ourselves from people and things that could dirty us up. We are protective. It’s a new thing and we want to take care of the new things we have right? So, just like when the Israelites left Egypt, they had a brand new start, the bible says God promised them if they obeyed they would be healed from their infirmities (Ex 23:25). The more and more the people disobeyed God, they found sickness among them. This could be either physical and/or spiritual sickness, I believe it’s both. Just like with the new house, we become comfortable and decide to leave maybe dishes in the sink and not cleaning up after ourselves like we did before. The newness started to wear off. Before you know it, there’s stubborn scuff marks on the walls, the ceiling fan is messed up, and you can no longer tell it’s a new house. When we stop cleaning/guarding our spirit and our spiritual house, which is our body, we let sin in. Little by little it starts to dirty us up again. Then before we know it, we have scars, depressions, anxieties, jealousy, greed, all the defiling things.. So then we think back on when we were truly on fire for God. When he washed us clean and we felt new. We didn’t feel weighed down, heavy, burdened, hard to do the right thing, fighting our own flesh. We start thinking, man how’d I get here… again?

God says, your healing comes through obedience. Obey me, you know what I want from you, follow-me with your whole heart. Leave the things that dishonor me today. The more you disobey, the sicker you will become. I can heal you through your obedience. I will clean you up again if you obey me.


Thank you for giving us a way out. Thank you for hearing our cries and giving us the solution we need to get back to a new mind. We pray over anyone dealing with any mind issues. Father allow your anointing to flow over them and make them new. Please give us the strength to obey you. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy covering us even while we disobeyed. We rededicate our life to you. We ask that you forgive us for being disobedient. We submit our life to you today. Father we ask that you rekindle the fire. Send people along the way to help us draw nearer to you. We love you and thank you. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN.

2 thoughts on “Your healing comes through obedience

  1. Amen! I love this analogy. Such an important truth! So grateful that we serve a God who is always waiting with open arms the moment we turn to Him. It’s never been a matter of if He’s available to us but rather if we will make ourselves available to Him. Love you and thanks for sharing.

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