Dialogue with my Father the King of all Kings

Daughter (me): Father, since you are the King of Kings and I am your daughter, that makes me a princess, that makes me royal. Father as my suitors come, I ask that you block all who are not up to your standards. God I ask that you block out all that are not royal. I believe there are even some who have no idea what they’ve inherited but Father, I ask that their inheritance finds them! I ask that whatever is holding them back or whoever is in the way to be moved and removed.

God, My Father, the King of all Kings:

They are royal and the time is now for the reveal of what they’re truly apart of. It’s like someone who has been so far down the line of inheritance that they do not realize it could actually be theirs. Those things that stand in the way are dissipating. It is time to resume your royal line. With that comes many benefits.

Daughter, there is a coming out party! One that shows the kingdom you’re ready for the next stage and you will be presented! When you are presented at your coming out party, there will be many suitors! In order for the suitors to even address you they have to meet the holy pre-requisites.

Daughter (me): Father please remove those who do not meet your pre-requisites for me, and bring forth those who do.


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