Speak victory!

Numbers 13 & 14

During this time it is so important to have the spirit of Joshua and Caleb. When Moses sent the 12 out to spy the land, he asked them to bring back a report. Then men went to the land, saw the fruit and saw that the land was good. The men even brought back a souvenir. They brought back grapes, and some brought back fear.

How can you bring the fruit of the land but be afraid of the people who inhabit the land? The spies no doubt said that the land was good, but the giant occupy the land. The land was already taken and there is no way they could defeat the giants. The report of the giants scared the people. Be very careful of the spies you’ve appointed to oversee a task. They can bring back a report that will bring destruction and plagues to the people of God.

Thankfully Joshua and Caleb saw the same land and the same giants. They did not see the giants as a threat but an opportunity. An opportunity for the same God that parted the red sea, to defeat the giants of this land. Change your view! Look again! That’s not really a giant, God is bigger. Guess who we have on our side… the only true God, the creator, or defender! Speak life, speak victory, speak faith. It will take you the land flowing with milk and honey!

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