Close the window to distractions!

This morning I was laying in bed talking to God, and someone across the street pulls up with their music blasting. This wouldn’t have been an issue; however, I slept with my window open!

I’m laying here just thinking about God’s goodness, and a few seconds later, I notice that loud music. Of course I know, I should really get up and close the window. At this point, my focus has changed. I’m now having an internal dialogue with myself, or was it with me and my comforter? The Holy Spirit dwells within, God said just now, that wasn’t an internal dialogue with yourself, it was with me! THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT… Sorry, back to the issue at hand:

Holy Spirit: Get up and close the window, it’s distracting you from me.
Me: It’s okay, I’m super comfortable. I can ignore it

A few seconds later… distracted again!

Me: Ugh! Why would they blast their music at 5am?
Holy Spirit: Get up and close the window, it’s distracting you from me.
Me: God can’t you just make it stop. I’m so comfortable and it’s so cold, I don’t want to get up.

I go back to praying, and BAM distracted again, but this time I immediately got up and closed the window. I know we all have distractions that we think we can hush or ignore. God is saying “He’s waiting on you to CLOSE THE WINDOW”. We have to shut-out the outside to focus on the inside. We have to stay focused. Do not let the devil, laziness, and/or comfortability keep you from receiving all that God has waiting for you. Please get up and close the window. Some examples of things to close the window to:
1. Vices (addictions)
2. People, exes, current relationships that aren’t good for you
3. Social media

I believe that God will give us the strength to close the window, we just have to get up and do it.

Prayer: Father, we know longer accept the distractions. We’re asking for the strength to let go and trust your for all things. Please give us race to trust you to supply all of our needs. In Jesus name, Amen!

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