Feeling anxious? Try this!

Moses answered the people, “1Fear ye not, 2stand still, and 3see the salvation of the Lord, 4which he will shew to you to day: 5for the Egyptians home ye have seen to day, 6ye shall see them again no more for ever.”

Step 1: Fear ye not
Escape the emotions and perceptions. It’s not what it looks like!

Step 2: Stand still
Stop! It’s not in your control! Release the control to God. Remind yourself – NO ACTION IS REQUIRED ON MY END.

Step 3: See the salvation of the Lord
Watch and wait for the Lord to save me. Expect to be saved. Know that he is a very present help in the time of trouble.

Step 4: Recognize that deliverance is readily available – “Which he will shew you to day
Everyday brings forth a new deliverance. Every thought brings forth a new opportunity for deliverance. When the thought, fear, anxiety, depression comes, repeat Steps 1-3.

Step 5: Perceive who the Egyptians are – “The Egyptians you have seen today
Slave masters, your enemy, the ones trying to take you back to captivity. The thoughts that creep up as suggestive lies that attempt to take you back to the dark place where you are bound.

Step 6: Believe your new perception – “You shall see them again no more”
The Egyptians are gone. You’ve been rescued and they’re gone FOREVER. Here’s the thing, they may actually still be there, but you will not see them. They’re now disarmed. They no longer pose as a threat. It’s time to testify!

We go through so much, and when we finally get to Step 6, we have to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. How can you not testify of the goodness of God, he completely disarmed your enemies and all you had to do was stand still. Step 6 is closer than you think. It’s okay to keep repeating the steps over and over until you get it, ask God for help.

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